Location: European Mainland to UK
Scope: 200 Trailer and vehicle equipment moves
Timeframe: Short term contract
Sector: Energy

Movement of all Equipment from European Mainland site via overland and short-sea vessel. Project managed from inception to completion including personnel on-ground, security monitoring and budgetary control.

The challenge

A particularly difficult and sensitive move within a fixed timeframe.

Our solution

The project required a sesnitive consultative approach. In fact the client highlighted they were prepared to go to a major Global consultant to undertake the project and work with to deliver the program but selected Swain at a much lower cost impact with much greater knowledge and ability within a Logistics context.

Requiring personnel from various departments to come together and manage the project. Overseen by two Directors. Various offshore site visits to establish the necessary management and equipment to undertake the move. Full project management templates deployed and weekly conference called co-chaired by the client supply-chain team and Swain.


Project completed a month ahead of schedule and below budget with no damage to equipment integrity. Due to the sensitivity of the project we were also measured on compliance in this respect where we completed the move without disruption to the clients supply chain or integrity.

What the customer said: “We are delighted with the professional way in which Swain approached the project. We had not dealt with Swain previously so were anxious to ensure we chose the right partner. The team talked with credibility and confidence, sharing similar sector case studies as well as demonstrating a clear aptitude to project manage working alongside the various stakeholder groups within our business. Not often we can say we have delivered a project ‘on-time, in-full, below budget and no issues’…but thanks to Swain…we did!”