Employing your own drivers and running your own company vehicles is expensive and ties up capital.

The Dedicated Solutions team at R Swain & Sons provides an efficient, affordable and versatile solution. We can supply and manage your fleet or work with you across a multiple supplier base. Whichever way you choose to work with us, you benefit from a significant potential to reduce costs and liability, an enhanced quality service, and more time to concentrate on your core business.

How we work

Dedicated Solutions are operated by key account managers. They oversee your contract either as an implant in-house or via one of our operating sites.

Everything we do is governed by service level agreements that are specific to your contract and a suite of agreed KPIs that are constantly monitored, measured and reported.

Complete fleet management

We’ll provide a range of options – from “plug-and-play” off-the-shelf solutions to full outsourcing, asset management, investment, and transport planning.

Basically, your fleet will be managed and maintained by us, using both vehicle manufacturers’ facilities for new fleet investment and our own in-house workshop.

Driver recruitment

We ensure that drivers are on hand to deliver the service you need. Driver recruitment is a key part of our service, ensuring that the most appropriate profile of driver is sourced to support your business. From full contract TUPE services to recruitment and replacement via HR support, we will recruit and manage the drivers you need to deliver your promises.

Extensive experience

Our work in the building materials, chemical and hi-tech sectors is well known. We also have a strong record in a wide range of other industries, from heavy industry to FMCG.