Curtainside operations have formed a part of Swain activities for a number of years but since 2014 this investment has accelerated. From a medium sized tractor operation in Manchester, we now operate a company-wide fleet of 100+ tractor units and 150+ trailers across the UK based out of our sites at Manchester, Woodville and Rochester.

We operate a number of contracts within the following sectors: FMCG, Defence, Fashion Retail, Automotive and Industrial. Stand-Trailer operations can be accommodated where appropriately viable and efficient to do so.

We are specialists in ad-hoc large volume projects. Particularly seasonal operations. We have the scope and fleet to step-in when others cannot. Recent projects have included; 25 truck and trailers for a major defence move. 40 tractor units for a Christmas peak flow within eCommerce. Provision of customer branded tractor units and trailers for a specific medium-term event transporting equipment across the UK and European locations. One of our Sales Team will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.

  • No of Tractor Units - 100+
  • No of Trailers - 150+

For more information email: sales@rswaingroup.com