Swain Construction and Special Projects services showcased on BBC Documentary ‘The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway’

In the past few years we have certainly played a part delivering into London’s Crossrail project which has been both challenging and rewarding.

For those who missed it and are a little bit ‘nerdy’ you can access all episodes on BBC iPlayer. We are in episode 1. The picture supplied shows four of our trucks all lined up having arrived before 6 am in Whitechapel. No room for error (99% simply isn’t good enough) and great driving skills required from our Special Projects team.

We moved over 100 loads from Holland to Whitechapel Station. Many of these were up to 6 Metres Wide which had to be tilted on Step Frame Trailers and Specially constructed frames to reduce the width to be able to navigate into Whitechapel.

Even without the TV cameras there is immense pressure on our drivers – not just on this project but in all that they do. But, time after time we succeed.

For more information on our depth of project support visit both our Case Studies page and Special Projects service page.