Modular building is nothing new but in recent years the demand for a reduced time to market as well as environmentally conscious and impactful housing has increased steadily and is expected to grow considerably. The Swain Group has been at the forefront of this emerging market and placed investment in both equipment and experienced professionals to develop the sector offering.

Last week saw the first delivery of a large project in the Home Counties which will see 600+ unit moves across 2 x developments requiring Swains specialist Low-Loader trailers and project management input. We have been working closely with the client for a number on months engaging at the design stage to consult and also involve wider Logistics stakeholders. The methodical approach taken was to ensure the most appropriate Supply Chain is developed to remove risk ensuring a smooth operation.

We have worked in close collaboration with all relevant parties including Local Authorities and Police Forces to complete diligence across all activities on behalf of the client. “We expect every project to be different and have to be sensitive to all local challenges with each delivery”, said Matt Swain, Special Projects Division Director. “We have learnt through experience within this and other sector projects that we cannot be complacent and must address each nuance and client demand in the right way. This is why our customers come to us every time. We make it personal and take it very personally, effectively as an extension to their business”.

Swains plan is to roll-out the scalable solution over a number of projects with different clients across the country. If you are interested in learning more and wish to discuss any specific requirements; please do not hesitate to contact our team on

Rochester, 3rd November 2017