Our fleet

Our fleet is continually flexing to meet customer demand. With our inherent financial stability and short lines of decision making; we can work closely with customers to place further investment into fleet assets accommodating both existing and new growth business activities. We pride ourselves in reinvesting profits back into the business and our fleet replacement programs are one of the ongoing beneficiaries of this approach.

Our current fleet consists of:


  • Over 600 split, 100 rigid and 500 artic
  • 80% of fleet is Euro 5+ compliant
  • 30% of the fleet is Euro 6 compliant
  • Rigids: 100 ranging from vans to 26 tonners with equipped with hiabs and fork truck moffetts (both Flat and Tautliner types available)
  • Artics: All are minimum 44 tonne capable
  • Special Projects tractors plated to 150 tonnes.
  • Artics are equipped with hiabs
  • All are satellite tracked giving us instant knowledge of the location of our customers consignments


Over 800 trailers of multiple types

  • 250 Curtainsiders
  • 50 specialist curtains including sliding roofs, double deckers, moffett and tail lifts
  • 50 specialist open flat  trailers including skeletals, step frames, extending step frames, lowloaders,rear steers,hiabs, drawbar
  • 10 multi-axle steering low-loader step-frame trailers (60T Payload)
  • 2 x 150T Capacity split step trailers for heavy plant/rig maneoevres
  • 300 side edge protected flats
  • 35 extendable standard height flats
  • 10 x 9m Urban Artic Flat Trailers
  • 5 x 9m Urban Artic Curtainside Trailers


Group workshops form a pivotal part of our operation, providing round-the-clock support to our fleet operations, keeping our equipment on the road to ensure minimal disruption to client operations.

Maintaining our fleet

Each of our three main sites at Rochester, Manchester and Woodville provide 24 hour / 7 day workshop cover. Excellent utilisation of our fleet is ensured by not relying on offsite third party repair agents. When we do have a breakdown or defect repair we have full control over the quick speed of the response.


Having a safe vehicle on the road is a non negotiable requirement for the Swain Group. By running our own workshops we ensure that every Swain vehicle is maintained to a quality standard - our OCRS compliance score proves this indicating that we are 'Green' today across all sites and operations.