A Safe Place to Work

All Swain Depots are considered a 'Safe Place to Work'. This is one of the core business values which we build our service around.

Swain holds a number of significant accreditations which are in place to underpin our broad services and to ensure we are able to accommodate the needs of our client base. These are listed below and we would welcome enquiries if you need assistance in understanding what the standards mean and how they apply to you as a customer and us as your transport partner:


Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme - Top level standard of compliance requiring accreditation for all levels, including Bronze and Silver. FORS Gold demands that vehicles are kitted out with forward and rear facing cameras, vehicle turning 'squawk' boxes, advanced driver training and fully auditable processes, both in terms of driving and office procedures.

Swain has been a Gold standard operator for 3 years and has benefitted greatly from the accolade. A large proportion of our customers require that we have this accreditation to service their business. This is typically synonymous with the Construction industry where we operate a large number of vehicles daily into challenging sites across the UK, often in major cities with extremely tight access and delivery windows. Although FORS is generally seen as a London centric requirement, we fully expect this to be rolled-out across other Metropolitan areas....Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol.....we are prepared! Today we operate for many of the large Tier#1 Construction companies and their suppliers servicing many of the foremost construction projects in the UK.

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R. Swain & Sons Ltd

Gatwick Group

Hallett Silbermann Ltd


Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety – one of the forerunners in the move towards a safer environment in all aspects of the construction industry. We are a “CLOCS Champion” and as such we satisfy all the safety equipment requirements on our trucks and put our drivers through the appropriate safety courses to satisfy the certification.


The accreditation is a pre-requisite to working with a number of prominent contractors in both the construction and infrastructure sectors. Swain supports and invests in the certification as standard.


All of our drivers allocated to this work have received external training by Crossrail. The training centres on Health and Safety issues on sites as well as on journeys to and from sites. Any vehicle attending a Crossrail site has to be fitted with numerous safety items and all of our vehicles are fully compliant.


An independent body which monitors the use of ammonium nitrate based fertilisers. They carry out annual audits of any organisation involved with these chemicals and issue certificates of conformity without which we would not be able to transport the chemicals. The primary audit points are Health & Safety, Security and ADR regulations. Health & Safety and ADR regulations are well documented. Security covers the procedures for taking on work (knowing who is booking the transport), driver instructions and complete paper trails for deliveries, secure overnight parking and personnel background checks.


Designed to educate HGV drivers to be aware of vulnerable road users eg pedestrians and cyclists. Drivers attend a one day course – half of which is in the classroom and half by way of practical cycling experience. The training is renewed every 3 years and the vast majority of our drivers are SUDS certified.


A specific requirement for Thames Tideway Operations where we are currently working towards wider driver compliance at our Rochester and Woodville site to complement the fully accredited operation at Hatfield. This will be further upgraded as the project takes shape.

Health & Safety

Safety us a primary objective. The Swain Group is committed to ensuring all their operations occur with absolute regard to the highest standards of Health and Safety.

The Swain Group is a multi-site operation serving many high risk industries such as construction and chemicals.

The Health and Safety Manager of The Swain Group delivers a monthly report to the Board to discuss priority matters and appropriate feedback, measures and policy is cascaded throughout the organisation.

We assess all potential work which may entail specific health and safety requirements and reserve the right to refuse business that does not meet our health and safety standard.