UK, South
£62million of assets packed, moved and re-positioned
18 months


Move of 2 x complete facilities to new upgraded sites within 16 weeks from start to finish of physical move. Planning and support either side of project required 18 months in total.

The Challenge

Supply of dedicated project team, support resources, quantity surveyors, vehicles and equipment to manage the full movement. Scope from x-ray machines to heavy lift equipment, machinery to delicate scientific apparatus.  The move also included a museum and archives requiring extremely sensitive and delicate packing and transportation.

Our Solution

Over 4 weeks and with a small team consisting of all stakeholders visited every classroom, workshop, office and building on the sites and created a full database of every item that was to move, To make sense of all this information a database was created which enabled all involved to assess various cost aspects of the move to produce a project price and plan, which could be amended and adjusted as items were removed or added from the requirement. Mobilisation of a dedicated team of 15 personnel


The second largest Logistical move in the UK within the sector that year. Seamless execution of implementation and project plan. Delivery on-time in full and on-budget with no damages. Full recognition and acknowledgement  of achievement at senior defence level. Ongoing support of future pipeline of activity based on replication of business model.