The Swain Group fleet is continuously flexing to meet customer demands. With our financial stability, and short lines of decision making, The Swain Group can flex fleet numbers rapidly.

Our latest fleet count is:


  • Over 310 split, 100 rigid and 210 artic
  • Rigids: range from vans to 32 tonners with equipped with hiabs and fork truck moffetts
  • Artics: All are minimum 44 tonne capable with our Special Projects tractors plated to 150 tonnes. We also have artics are equipped with hiabs
  • Traditionally the Swain Group has majored on Dafs but with recent acquisitions the fleet now includes Scania and Volvo vehicles. All are satellite tracked giving us instant knowledge of the location of our customers consignments


  • Over 500 trailers in total
  • 90 standard curtains
  • 50 specialist curtains including sliding roofs, double deckers, moffett and tail lifts
  • 50 specialist open flat  trailers including skeletals, step frames, extending step frames, lowloaders,rear steers,hiabs,drawbar
  • 75 non side edge protected flats
  • 200 side edge protected flats
  • 35 extendable standard height flats